My favourite things.

I promised myself that my next blog would be about my research. Now that I have my permission there is nothing to stop me writing highly academic posts about complex methodologies and ethical dilemmas solved, right?

But since I’ve been back from Indonesia life seems to have gone a bit crazy. Alongside getting started – which I am doing and which I will write about, I promise – all these insecurities have been seeping out. What am I doing? Will I ever have anything interesting to say? Have I got time? Am I working hard enough? Blah blah f***ing blah.

Then a few nights ago I was out for dinner with some friends of friends that I’ve never met before. I happened to mention that avocados were on my list of favourite things. The resulting conversation revealed to me that not everyone has such a list and, in fact, I was considered quite strange (I hope in a good way) for having one.  I shared this revelation on facebook and it caused a flurry of comments.

So, in the spirit both of sharing and of lifting my own spirits by reminding me of the things I really love, here is my first attempt to get the list out of my head and onto paper. Originally I’ve said there were no rules but now I’ve realised that the one rule I do set for myself is that the list can’t contain people that I know, because otherwise it would just be full of my family and friends.

So without further ado….and in no particular order….here are my favourite things.

  1.  Ripe avocadoes
  2.  The sea and especially wild remote deserted beaches
  3.  Arundhati Roy
  4.  Tempeh
  5.  Laughing so hard that I can hardly breathe
  6.  Watching ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ or ‘Pride and Prejudice’ or ‘Guys and Dolls’ on TV with my mum
  7.  Spinach
  8.  Any technology that allows me to cheaply communicate with family and friends a long way away
  9.  Sunshine
  10.  Draft Guinness
  11.  Nights with good people in pubs with log fires and good music (and definitely no TVs)
  12.  Walking meditation
  13.  Watermelon juice
  14.  Hugs from people who matter (which, truth be told, is pretty much everyone)
  15.  Virginia Woolf
  16.  Finding the perfect present for someone
  17.  Sleep
  18.  The jungle
  19.  Johnny Depp
  20. A good cuppa (of the builder’s variety)
  21.  Stories (both told and read)
  22. Mike Scott
  23.  Walking through Holyrood Park and up the Royal Mile in Edinburgh on a crisp blue-skied winter day
  24.  His Dark Materials
  25.  That wonderful feeling when you really connect with another person…
  26. …especially a young child
  27.  Traveling through beautiful Lao landscape, preferably using a mode of transport that doesn’t put a pane of glass between me and said landscape
  28.  The labyrinth in George Square (although the location is probably less important, just that’s the one I know)
  29.  The Princess Bride
  30.  Good conversation (either serious or nonsensical)
  31.  Bright colours
  32.  Thich Nhat Hanh
Over to you…

21 responses to “My favourite things.

    • Lesley, that just made me snort with laughter. It is 11pm and I’m writing this after working pretty much 10 days in a row without a day off and no sign of one for the next week at least! But what I don’t have is young children 😉

  1. Ooooh Christina, what a lovely concept…a list of my favourite things…..mmmmmm! I don’t have a list but over the last few months I had been compiling a daily gratitude list…however in the spirit of your post I have decided I am going to work on my list and will share it with you soon. I feel a strange sense of excitement to start it, but then I like lists and I did promise I would visibly reply to your posts instead of just in my head 🙂 Have a great day x

  2. Some of my favourite things
    My Wife Wendy
    Good food and wine
    Dining with Friends
    Helping others
    Laughing until my stomach aches
    Having fun
    Playing my Brass instrument
    Making people laugh
    My Dog Ben
    Watching a good TV Drama
    The sunshine nothing better to lift the spirits when it shines
    Walking on a beach with no shoes on and listening to the sound of the waves
    Camping Holidays
    Christmas Markets
    Playing Christmas music
    Days off
    Eating outdoors when we do have a summer

  3. That list has made my day, love it! Lots of very lovely things.
    No.29. ”My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” I have passed on the love of it to my children 🙂

  4. I’m working on my list of favourite places and will e-mail it to you when I get a chance……….also trying to print this to show to mum but can only seem to print all of your blog at once which is ridiculous!

  5. Haha! Actually that reveals another unspoken rule I have for myself – no whole countries. I did think about putting “Laos” and “Scotland” but it just felt too general. But I suspect that is different for you! I think I can guess 4 or 5 of yours – please write the list so I can see if I’m right 🙂

  6. Especially an avocado where the skin just magically peels away really easily….
    I like err I know it sounds wierd but I like to play and be in touch with my inner child, perhaps in the laughing way, just not having to be a grown up and have to put on an air of gravitas…especially if there’s some sea and friends and sunshine involved. I love swimming in the sea!! My top one.

    • Nope. Doesn’t sound weird at all. Several things that narrowly missed my list are very very childlike. For example swinging on shopping trolleys. Ok, I just realised I *might* have employed a tiny bit of self censorship to avoid appearing barking!

  7. Add another name to the “People Who Absolutely Love The Princess Bride!” I’m so impressed with your list, Christina, and what great taste you have (meaning, of course, that I would put a bunch of your favorites on my list too, of course;-), especially numbers 5, 8, and yes, I’ll admit it,19. Great idea to include it in your blog. I’m going to go make my own list right now. 🙂

    • Oooh…please share your list when you’ve made it. I don’t know how anyone could not love The Princess Bride. Or Johnny Depp.

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