Welcome to my new house…

Come inside…

And out into the garden…

Yesterday, as I cycled home along the canal past the cute bleating kids (of the goat not human variety) on the way back from from my meditation class at the temple, I had a wave of real happiness. This house wasn’t the biggest or the smartest house that Lis and I looked at (and one apartment even had a bath) but it was the one that felt most like a home.

Now all I have to do is get the fridge and the washing machine fixed and work out how to hang up the hammock and how to manage the pesky ants that are everywhere…

…and wait for the mangoes to ripen.

And a postscript:

Despite what my recent posts might seem to suggest, I have been working hard! Progress is being made with the visa, I continue to meet lots of interesting, inspiring and fun people, I’m constantly treading that line between reflection and over-thinking, and I’m hoping to start working with a group of young people here in Vientiane around the end of June, after all the University exams. More next time…


6 responses to “Welcome to my new house…

  1. I love your house Christina! I can see why you chose this one, it looks like an easy house to be happy in. I’m enjoying your blog, sounds like an amazing experience.

  2. Hey Christina!
    Are you serious, have you bought a house in Laos? It looks like paradise to me and I hope that you are all well!

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