Goodbye Villa Lao

When I first arrived in Vientiane last September I stayed in Villa Lao because it was one of the few guesthouses in the city that I could book online. I anticipated staying here for maybe a week at the most.

But somehow, until now, I haven’t managed to move. Last year I was here for 3 and a half months, this week for 6 weeks.

Through Villa Lao I:

  • found my first Lao teacher and a smart, enthusiastic, fun-loving young staff who have helped me practice my slow-moving Lao language skills
  • met a huge number of very interesting people and had a huge number of very interesting conversations
  • made some genuinely good friends (both Lao and falang)
  • fought with mosquitoes and barking dogs
  • sheltered from torrential rain and dramatic forked lightening storms
  • ate copious fresh mango and (most recently) spicy tofu kebabs and drunk regular Beer Lao
  • felt at home
  • fell in love with a hammock…
In fact my love for the hammock is so deep that, for the three months that I returned to the UK, I considered leaving my bright yellow motorbike helmet sitting in the middle of it with a warning sign for anyone who might have to the gall to stay in ‘my’ room or lie on ‘my’ hammock.
On Sunday I went shopping to look for an equivalent bamboo hammock for my new home.I didn’t buy one but I located the perfect shop. I will worry about how to get it back to the UK (and indeed what earthly use it will be in Scotland) at a later date.
Now I really need to move. I’ve been cycling 40 minutes across town every day and my lovely little new house is very near to where I’m spending most of my time. But I’m sure I’ll be back and I’ll be directing visitors there – just as long as they don’t think they can lie on the hammock!
Thank you Villa Lao. Let the next chapter begin…

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